Chocolate Cigarellos

Chocolate Cigarellos

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Cigarellos are one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your chocolate cakes look amazing. Simply cover the cake with ganache, chocolate cream or buttercream and place the cigarellos around the cake sides. The chocolate cigarellos taste delicious, are quick to apply and look sensational around cakes, cheesecakes and desserts.

Each box contains approximately 135 cigarellos, 100mm high.

Please see below for an approximate guide to how many Chocolate Cigarellos you’ll need to go around the sides of a cake.

15cm (6") round cake = 64 cigarellos

20.5cm (8") round cake = 85 cigarellos 15.5cm (10") round cake = 104 cigarellos

30.5cm (12") round cake = 125 cigarellos

15cm (6") square cake = 79 cigarellos

20.5cm (8") square cake = 103 cigarellos

25.5cm (10") square cake = 131 cigarellos

30.5cm (12") square cake = 155 cigarellos

Please note; Boxes may be unsealed as we may add extra packing to stop movement of the cigarellos while in transit.

(Cake by Jenny Walker) To order only.

Please allow 7 - 10 days for delivery.

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