House of Sugar, Strong Powder Colour

House of Sugar, Strong Powder Colour

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For use in Sugar Paste: Either mix a pinch of powderwith a small amount of fat (e.g. Trex) then add to sugarpaste &knead in thoroughly or  mix powder to a paste with alittle water then add to sugarpaste.?

For use in Flower Paste, Marzipan & Chocolate: Mix a pinch of powder with a small amount of spirit (gin/vodka) & use immediately.?

For use in Butter /Royal Icing: Place a tsp powderin a bowl & add an equal volume of hot water, mix to a thin pasteadding more water to enable pouring, allow to coolthen pour into a container with a secure cap. N. B Black is best mixedfresh for each usage.


Caution: Yellow (E102), Pink/Ruby (E122), Red (E124)& Black (E102, E122 & E 133) may have an adverse effect onactivity and attention in children.

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