Saracino Modelling Paste Coloured - 250g
Saracino Modelling Paste Coloured - 250g

Saracino Modelling Paste Coloured - 250g

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Both durable and malleable in equal amounts, the Saracino ModellingPaste is fast becoming the most popular modelling paste on the market.

This modelling paste is incredibly easy to use, can be rolled thin,does not crack easily and dries quickly, all the qualities you wouldwant from a high quality modelling paste.

Saracino Modelling Paste is so elastic it can be rolled to athickness of 1mm so you can get even more lifelike petals and flowers.It also makes it is easier to cut with flower and leaf cutters.

The modelling paste contains a good amount of cocoa butter meaningnot only that the paste will set quickly, it will will not dry out,allowing you to easily fix any mistakes that may have been made byaccident. As Saracino Modelling paste sets so quickly, you will find itsaves time when modelling detailed 3D figures and cake toppers which youcould potentially have completed in less than a day!

Unlike many other modelling pastes it smells like vanilla and even tastes good.

Product net weight 250g.

This product is gluten free.


Saracino Modelling Paste does not contain nuts as an active ingredient but may contain traces of nuts.

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