Edibles - Colours

Paste, Gel, Dust colours and Pens. Used to colour and enhance your cake. Paste and Dust colours are suitable for Vegetarians.

Any dust colour that says Non-Toxic means it is not an allowed EU edible item. When consumed it passes harmlessly through the body with no ill effect. It contains additives which are usually harmless, but on very rare occasions, as with any food item, can cause allergic reaction. It is usually used on items that can be removed.

Edable Art Disco Glitter colours are not edible and should only be used on items that can be removed from the cake. For edible glitters choose Magic Sparkles, PME or Sugarflair Glitter Flakes. These can be ground down to make smaller glitter pieces or Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter, which are 100% edible.