Sugarpaste (Fondant) - Squires Kitchen - Bridal White - 1Kilo

Sugarpaste (Fondant) - Squires Kitchen - Bridal White - 1Kilo

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Squires Kitchen ready-to-roll Fairtrade Sugarpaste for a highly polished, soft and silky finish andthe very first sugarpaste in the UK to be Fairtrade certified. Roll outfor a flawless covering for cakes of all shapes and sizes, use withcutters to decorate biscuits and cupcakes or make simple sugar modelssuch as roses and bows.

Squires Kitchen Fairtrade Sugarpaste is made using canesugar grown by smallholder farmers in a number of countries and has anatural vanilla flavour for superior taste. This premium-quality rolledfondant is ready to use.

As well as being Fairtrade certified it is also gluten-free, dairy-free and suitable for vegetarians.

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