Drum Cake Board - Hexagonal

Drum Cake Board - Hexagonal

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Used for sponge or fruit celebration cakes.  This is the strongest type of Cake Board. It has a bonded fibre board inner which is covered on the top and sides with a fern textured, silver coloured foil and with white paper on the base. The finished Cake Board is 0.5'' (13mm) thick.

Hexagonal boards are measured flat side to flat side.  This make them bigger measured point to point so please take that into account when ordering boxes.

8" boards will need a 10" box

9" and 10" boards will need a 12" box

11" and 12" boards will need a 14" box

13" and 14" boards will need a 16" box

15" board will need an 18" box

16" boards will need a 20" box


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