Welcome to A Piece of Cake’s first blog!

We are finally coming into the 21st century by having a ‘blog’!  Yes, we have always dealt with online orders and in the current situation thank goodness for that.  But we have been thinking how we could reach our customers with what has been going on and so the Blog has been born.

What a year!  Having purchased the business of A Piece of Cake almost 18 months ago, it has not been a simple transition.  Firstly I needed to find some new premises, and searching high and low throughout the Thame area, as I did not want to move the business out of Thame, I finally found our new premises which we share with the Estate Agents.  Needless to say there was decoration to be done, storage to be sorted, a lovely area to be set up for classes etc, it was all very exciting.  Then Covid!!!

So during the start of the pandemic we were trying to pack up the old shop and move bits and pieces to the new shop, sort out electricians and decorating.  That was difficult enough then the lockdown was imposed, so no matter whether we were ready or not, there was going to be no grand opening.  So as I say thank goodness we already had online purchasing all in place and this has been our life line in this crazy time.


We were sad to think we would not be able to hold our annual summer school with Alan Dunn.  But working with Alan we were able to organise this online! Another first for APOC.   This was a great success, with people from all over the world tuning in for two weeks.  We held the course via Zoom, which enabled the attendees to be able to chat to each other, say hello to a lot of familiar faces and catch up on all the news, welcome new members, ask Alan questions and get answers, and even have a group drink (or two) on the last evening with each other.   

It was so successful we are doing it again!  Only over one week this time in November.  There are some exciting new flowers that will make a great Christmas decoration, so see the information on the website.

Anything else new?  Well APOC is now stocking cutters and veiners from Robert Haynes, with his Botanically Correct selection and Simply Nature.  Just put either of these names into the search area on the home page to view whats available.  We also have our usual cutters and veiners and all other products available.  And don’t forget we ship all over the world!

Finally we have just had a very successful weekend hosted by APOC with Debbie Bowyer creating a fantastic array of Autumn Flowers and Foliage.  This was Debbie’s first time of demonstrating ‘live’ but she was super.  Lots of tips and tricks and stunning flowers.  There are other tutorials that Debbie has created for APOC a David Austin Rose, Chinese Lanterns, Sweet Peas and more tutorials which are available on the website.   This was a great weekend and Debbie will be back again in the Spring so look out for that and come and join us.  If you have any particular flower or foliage you would like to see demonstrated let us know.

so that it our first blog, I hope you enjoy it, we will get better and will keep you updated on lots of different aspects of Sugarcraft.

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  • Debbie Bowyer on

    Im busy preparing for our spring workshop – snakes head fritillary, cherry blossom, hazel catkins, crocus, mascara, mini iris and arum leaves. During our autumn workshop Pritha requested a bittersweet berry Celastrus – so I will be doing a free video for this lovely berry which should be available on the video tutorials page by the end of this week. Busy busy!! So glad that during lockdown we have our wonderful hobby to keep us (almost!) sane! Keep flowering everyone!!

  • MaryAnn Sammut on

    Well done to all the team at APOC, you’re doing a great job in this insane time! Keep it up and keep safe xxx

  • Di Brothwell on

    Well done, Pauline. I’m looking forward to reading all the news

  • Jennifer Walker on

    Well done Pauline and gang. Great to see our baby APOC is in good hands and blossoming well.
    All the best for the future and I look forward to reading more blogs. X

  • Debbie on

    How amazing are you!!? A blog!!! I’m really looking forward to hearing all the APOC news and it’s so good to keep in contact with sugarcraft friends old and new. Well done!

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