The weather has been glorious, the number of covid infections is reducing, and lockdown is slowly lifting.  So all in all a great start to Spring.  But what has been happening in the Sugarcraft world.


There have been some amazing online tutorials from Alan Dunn the Master of flowers and Arati Mirji showing how to produce some fantastic foliage. See the photo of Alan's Bluebells and Lords and Ladies arrangement.  If you have missed any of these tutorials, then you can still sign up for them.  Look for them on Facebook.  Alan has more on tutorials happening in May, so check these out on Facebook. 


He also has another 3 day class in June run in conjunction with A Piece of Cake, which sounds exciting with different flowers and foliage.  If you are interested email Alan at nasturtium72@aol.com  These are great fun courses.  One day watching Alan produce fantastic flowers then a day off, back for a second session and another day off and then the final day.  The courses are held on Zoom, which gives everyone a chance to chat to Alan or other participants, catch up with friends from around the world, and ask any questions you want.  Also the courses are videoed and you have access to them for as long as you want as and when you want.  Plus you do not have to travel, so no air flights, train journeys or hotels to book, so if you ever wanted to do an Alan Dunn Course but have been restricted by costs then give these three day courses a go.


There will also be a Summer School during July/August, details have yet to be decided.  But this will be advertised in good time for you to join.


We also have online tutorials available for you to purchase such as Chinese Lanterns, David Austin Roses, Scabious, Camellia, Alstroemeria, Cymbidium, Sweet Peas and Stargazer Lilies.  £10.00 each class although the Chinese Lantern is free.  Go to our Products and Videos Tutorials. 


Elsewhere we are pleased to say that we are now open again to the public.  We have during lockdown been able to keep going with our online services, but it is lovely to see people in person. 


Also are you aware that we are the only supplier in England of Robert Haynes and Simply Nature cutters and veiners.  There is another supplier in Scotland, and we are the only ones in the UK, so have a look on line at our stock and if you wanted something particular, then take a look at www.sugardelites com website and let us know we will be able to order for you.


If you have any questions re making flowers, foliage, covering cakes etc then drop us a line or give us a ring and we will do our best to assist.


Flowers that bloom during May are:

Peonies, Iris, Lilacs, Magnolias (although this year these have been and gone!) Heather, Pansies and Freesias, so if you are stuck as to what to make, try one or two of theses.

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