We hope you all had a good, albeit quiet Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to 2021.  As they say ‘Things can only get better…’

It would be lovely to be able to greet you with the good news that the shop is open again, but as you are well aware this cannot be until perhaps Spring.  In the meantime, our online services are still up and running and we will do our best to obtain your supplies and ship them to you wherever you are in the world.  If you cannot find what you want on the website then give us a ring, there is someone in the shop each day.

So what with Covid–19 and Brexit, we are having great difficulty in getting hold of veiners and cutters.  For general leaves then other cutters can be adapted, but the veiners are proving more difficult.  If you are stuck and have some good vegetation in your own garden or park, then you can of course make your own using Siligum.  Margaret Brown has put together a short video on how to do this.  A link to this video is here  Thank you Margaret. We have Siligum available on the website.  If anyone knows of anyone that can make veiners, especially in UK then please let us know.

As you can see, we can produce videos to show how to do…. If you have any queries, then let us know and we will make a video to answer them.   You can let us know your query in the comments box below. If you want to know how to make a certain flower again let us know.  There are some very good tutorials on our website at a very reasonable cost that show you how to make flowers and foliage, once bought it is yours to keep and watch as many times as you like.


We are delighted to say that once again the master of Sugar flowers, Alan Dunn will be holding a three-day course called February Florals. On th 15th, 17th and 19th February.  There will be two flowers each day.  The flowers are Golden Gardenia, Epidendrum Hybrid Orchid, Blue Butterfly Pea Vine, Aboutilon, Kanak Champa, Fire wheel tree, Angel Wing Jasmine, Comparettia orchid, Blackberry Lily - plus berries and decorative foliage.  A picture of Alan's Christmas bouquet is opposite.

Click here to take you to the sign up. 

Alan is so thorough with all of his instructions you can be a complete novice and still follow him easily.  The course will be held using Zoom, this means that you can chat with others attending the course, ask questions and it feels like you have been in Thame for a course.  These classes are always great fun, and of course you can view the videos as many times as you want to.  Do not worry if you have never used Zoom, we can send you instructions and have a trial run before the start of the course to ensure you are happy.

Until next month 'keep flower making!'

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