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Multi-Flower Petal Cutter Set 1 (set of 7 cutters) - Squires Kitchen

£14.95 Sorry, this item is currently out of stock

Product Description

Now you can create many different types of flower using just one set of cutters! Squires Kitchen Designer Petal Cutter Set has been designed exclusively by popular Japanese sugarcrafter and expert sugar florist Naomi Yamamoto.

Make Naomi’s most popular trademark flowers with this set of seven different-sized petal cutters. Numbered 1 to 7 for ease of use, the rounded cutters can be used in different combinations to make realistic flowers that are perfect for contemporary wedding cakes and floral favours.

Create Persian buttercups, camellias, pansies, three different types of rose and more using just these cutters. Ideal for wedding cake designers and sugar floristry enthusiasts, mix and match the flowers to make stunning, complementary arrangements.

Use this selection of seven petal cutters in the following combinations to make some of the most popular sugar flowers.  Modern Rose: cutters 1–7, English Rose: cutters 5–7, Cupped Old Rose: cutters 3–6, Persian Buttercup: cutters 1–6, Japanese Camellia: cutters 2–4, Pansy (Viola): cutters 1–2